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Note. * indicates corresponding authors. indicates co-first authors.


33. Design Guidelines for Coupled Piezoelectric and Electromagnetic Hybrid Energy Harvesters for Autonomous Sensor Systems (submitted)
I. Jung, J. Choi, H.-J. Park, T.-G. Lee, S. Nahm, S. Kim*, C.-Y. Kang*

32. Automatic Resonance Tuning Mechanism for Ultra-wide Bandwidth Mechanical Energy Harvesting (submitted)
Y.-H. Shin, S. Kim, D. Maurya, T.-H. Sung, S. Priya, C.-Y. Kang, H.-C. Song*

31. Atomic Engineering for the Colossal Permittivity of Transparent 2-Dimensional Dielectric Films (submitted)
H. Yim, S.Y. Yoo, H.-J. Kim, K.H. Chae, S. Kim, S.-J. Hwang, S. Nahm, Y.-E. Sung, S.K. Kim, S.-H. Baek, M. Osada*, J.-W. Choi*


30. Atomic Engineering of Metastable BeO6 Octahedra in a Rocksalt Framework
Applied Surface Science 2020 501 144280
W. Lee, S. Kim, E. Larsen, H.-H. Choi, S.-H. Baek, M. Lee, D.-Y. Cho, H.-K. Lee, C.S. Hwang, C. Bielawski, S.K. Kim*


29. Ionic-activated Chemiresistive Gas Sensors for Room-temperature Operation
Small  2019 15 1902065
Y.G. Song, Y.-S. Shim, J.M. Suh, M.-S. Noh, G.S. Kim, K.S. Choi, B. Jeong, S. Kim, H.W. Jang, B.-K. Ju, C.-Y. Kang*

28. Rational Design for Optimizing Hybrid Thermo-Triboelectric Generators Targeting Human Activities
ACS Energy Letters 2019 4 2069-2074
B. Seo, Y. Cha, S. Kim*, W. Choi*

27. Strong Stress-Composition Coupling in Lithium Alloy Nanoparticles
Nature Communications 2019 10 3428
H.K. Seo, J.Y. Park, J.H. Chang, K.S. Dae, M.-S. Noh, S.S. Kim, C.-Y. Kang, K. Zhao, S. Kim*, J. Yuk*

26. Carbon-free Mn-doped LiFePO4 cathodes for highly transparent thin film batteries
Journal of Power Sources  2019 434 226713
H. Lee, S. Kim, N.S. Parmar, J.-H. Song, K.-Y. Chung, K.-B. Kim, J.-W. Choi*

25. Double layered dielectric elastomer by vapor encapsulation casting for highly deformable and strongly adhesive triboelectric materials
Nano Energy 2019 62 144-153
H.B. Xua†, J.H. Kim†, S. Kim, H.-J. Hwang, D. Maurya, D. Choi*, H.-C. Song*, C.-Y. Kang*

24. Optimization of Reconfigurable Satellite Constellations Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm
Sensors 2019 19 765
S.W. Paek*, S. Kim, O. de Weck

23. Morphological Evolution Induced through Heterojunction of W-decorated NiO Nanoigloos: Synergistic Effect on High-performance Gas Sensors
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2019 11 7 7529-7538
S.Y. Yi, Y.G. Song, J.Y. Park, J.M. Suh, G.S. Kim, Y.-S. Shim, J.M. Yuk, S. Kim, H.W. Jang, B.-K. Ju, C.-Y. Kang*

22. Orientation-dependent structural and electronic properties of Ge/a-GeO2 interfaces: first-principles study
Journal of Physics D 2019 52 15
K. Liu, E. Ko, S. Kim, J. Park, C.S. Hwang, J.-H. Choi*

21. Li Alloy-based Non-Volatile Actuators
Nano Energy 2019 57 653-659
M.-S. Noh, H. Lee, Y.G. Song, I. Jung, R. Ning, S.W. Paek, H.-C. Song, S.-H. Baek, C.-Y. Kang*, S. Kim*

20. Heterojunctions based on Rh-decorated WO3 Nanorods for Morphological Change and Gas Sensor Application using Transition Effect
Chemistry of Materials 2019 31 207-215
Y.G. Song, J.Y. Park, J.M. Suh, Y.-S. Shim, S.Y. Yi, H.W. Jang, S. Kim, J.M. Yuk, B.-K. Ju*, C.-Y. Kang*


19. Mechanical Fatigue Resistance of Piezoelectric PVDF polymers
Micromachines 2018 9 503
Y.-H. Shin, I. Jung, H. Park, J.J. Pyeon, J.G. Son, C.M. Koo, S. Kim*, C.-Y. Kang*

18. A novel class of oxynitrides stabilized by nitrogen dimer formation
Scientific Reports 2018 8 14471
S. Kim*, H.J. Gwon, S.W. Paek, S.K. Kim, J.-W. Choi, J.-S. Kim, J.-H. Choi, C.-Y. Kang*, S.-H. Baek*

17. Synthesis of Numerous Edge Sites in MoS2 via SiO2 Nanorods Platform for Highly Sensitive Gas Sensor
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2018 10 31594-31602
Y.-S. Shim, K.C. Kwon, J.M. Suh, K.S. Choi, Y.G. Song, W. Sohn, S. Choi, K.T. Hong, J.-M. Jeon, S.-P. Kim, S. Kim, S.Y. Kim, C.-Y. Kang, H.W. Jang*

16. Scalable Fabrication of Flexible Thin Film Batteries for Smart Lens Applications
Nano Energy 2018 53 225-231
H. Lee, S. Kim, K.-B. Kim, J.-W. Choi*

15. Metal-free, Flexible Triboelectric Generator based on MWCNT mesh film and PDMS layers
Applied Surface Science 2018 442 693-699
H. Hwang, K.Y. Lee, J.-H. Shin, S. Kim*, W. Choi*

14. Piezoelectric Polymer-based Roadway Energy Harvesting via Displacement Amplification Module
Applied Energy 2018 216 741-750
Y.-H. Shin, I. Jung, M.-S. Noh, J.H. Kim, J.-Y. Choi, S. Kim*, C.-Y. Kang*

13. Nanogap-controlled Pd Coating for Hydrogen Sensitive Switches and Hydrogen Sensors
Sensors and Actuators B 2018 255 1841-1848
Y.-S. Shim, B. Jang, J.M. Suh, M.S. Noh, S. Kim, D.H. Kim, C.-Y. Kang, H.W. Jang*, W. Lee*

12. Laser-irradiated Inclined Metal Nanocolumns for Selective, Scalable and Room-Temperature Synthesis of Plasmonic Isotropic Nanospheres
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2018 6 6038-6045
M.-S. Noh, S. D. Han, S. Chae, S. H. Back, S. Kim, S.-H. Baek, S. K. Kim, J.-W. Choi, J.-S. Kim, D. J. Ahn, D. Choi*, C.-Y. Kang*


11. Growth and Characterization of BeO Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Using H2O and O3 as Oxygen Sources
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 121 17498-17504
W.C. Lee, C.J. Cho, S. Kim, E.S. Larsen, J.H. Yun, C.W. Bielaswski, C.S. Hwang, S.K. Kim*

10. A Highly Efficient, Concentrating-Photovoltaic/Thermoelectric Hybrid Generator
Nano Energy 2017 37 242-247
T.-H. Kil, S. Kim, D.-H. Jung, D.-M. Geum, S. Lee, S.-J. Jung, S. Kim, C. Park, J.-S. Kim, J.M. Baik, K.-S. Lee, C.Z. Kim, W.J. Choi*, S.-H. Baek*

9. Self-powered Flexible Touch Sensors based on PZT Thin Films using Laser Lift-off
Sensors and Actuators A 2017 261 288-294
M.-S. Noh, S. Kim, D.-K. Hwang, C.-Y. Kang*

8. Downsizing Gas Sensors based on Semiconducting Metal Oxides: Effects of Electrodes on Gas Sensing Properties
Sensors and Actuators B 2017 248 949-956
Y.G. Song, Y.-S. Shim, S. Kim, S.D. Han, H.G. Moon, M.S. Noh, K. Lee, H.R. Lee, J.-S. Kim, B.-K. Ju, C.-Y. Kang*

7. Versatile Approaches to Tune a Nanocolumnar Structure for Optimized Electrical Properties of In2O3 Based Gas Sensor
Sensors and Actuators B 2017 248 894-901
S.D. Han, M.-S. Noh, S. Kim, Y.-S. Shim, Y.G. Song, K. Lee, H.R. Lee, S. Nahm, S.-J. Yoon, J.-S. Kim, C.-Y. Kang*

6. Flexible Piezoelectric Polymer-based Energy Harvesting System for Roadway Applications
Applied Energy 2017 197 222-229
I. Jung, Y.-H. Shin, S. Kim, J. Choi, C.-Y. Kang*

2016 and before

5. Electrochemically driven Mechanical Energy Harvesting
Nature Communications 2016 7 10146
S. Kim, S.J. Choi, K. Zhao, H. Yang, G. Gobbi, S. Zhang, J. Li*
– Selected as a Research Highlight in NPG Asia Materials “Electrode stress device for electrochemical power”
Media coverage in over 7 online newspapers

4. Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Aluminum Improves Radiation Resistance
Nano Energy 2016 22 319-327
K.P. So, D. Chen, A. Kushima, M. Li, S. Kim, Y. Yang, Z. Wang, J.G. Park, Y.H. Lee, R.I. Gonzalez, M. Kiwi, E.M. Bringa, S. Lin, J. Li*

3. Multiple Stiffening Effects of Nano-Scale Knobs on Human Red Blood Cells Infected with Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria Parasite
Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 2015 112 19 6068-6073
Y. Zhang, C. Huang, S. Kim, M. Golkaram, M.W.A. Dixon, L. Tilley, J. Li, S. Zhang*, S. Suresh*

2. A Comparison of Destabilization Mechanisms of the Layered NaxMO2 and LixMO2 Compounds upon Alkali De-Intercalation
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2012 14 15571-15578
S. Kim, X. Ma, S.P. Ong, G. Ceder*

1. Voltage, Stability and Diffusion Barrier Differences between Sodium-Ion and Lithium-Ion Intercalation Materials
Energy and Environmental Sciences, 2011 4 3680-3688
S.P. Ong, V.L. Chevrier, G. Hautier, A. Jain, C. Moore, S. Kim, X. Ma, G. Ceder*